Draft Ventures
Draft Ventures

Draft Ventures

Venture fund led by Artia Moghbel & David Rodriguez.

We incubate, advise/accelerate & invest in pre-seed/seed stage companies in web3, climate, fintech, & proptech.

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$1B+ – Web2

All-in-one workspace – the software powering this website

Health/lifestyle subscription commerce with 1MM+ subscribers


Real estate agency, modernized

Online subscription shopping club for healthy living

$1B+ – Web3

Network for decentralized app development

Decentralized cloud platform to host next-gen software and services

(via Dharma acquisition)

The largest NFT marketplace

Decentralized storage network designed to store humanity's most important information

$200M-$1B – Web2

Manufacturing automation at scale

Global server infrastructure improving latency, lag, and stability

Leading SaaS platform for retailers

$200M-$1B – Web3

(Acquired by Stellar)

Ledger systems for financial services industry

Eco 🌎

Your checking account and credit card, reimagined

Decentralized credit platform

<$200M – Web2

Marketplace for content creation at scale

Avala 🌎

A mobile marketplace for data annotation and NLP at scale

Bite 🌎

Plastic–free personal care

The motion graphics and video tool for modern brands

(Acquired by Stripe)

Machine learning as a service

Simplified wholesale e-commerce software

Automated tax optimization

Automated trading platform

Commercial insurance powered by video AI

Banking built for teens

DroneSeed 🌱

Wildfire reforestation using heavy-lift drones


Automated wealth management for alternative investments


(Acquired by Republic) Crowdfunding for gaming

Comprehensive health data platform

(Acquired by Medal)

Push-button gif creation for gaming

Your company's Cloud HQ


Next-generation media measurement

Mootral 🌱

Reducing methane emissions from livestock to tackle climate change

Overflow 🌎

Platform powering donations across multiple asset classes

Tech-enabled camping, nationwide

Marketplace for kid's classes

Distribution marketplace for the beverage industry

Streamlined large-scale AI implementations

Custom furniture and luxury home staging at scale

Treeswift 🌱

Next-generation forest monitoring using drones

Self-serve warranties for electronic devices and appliances

Making every Google search more productive

Research as a service

Property management, modernized

<$200M – Web3


Decentralized marketplace for physically-backed NFTs

Building essentials for internet communities

To-be-released DeFi protocol

A decentralized city built by creators, for creators.

Developer platform for Web3 products


Crypto-native chat

Create, discover, and share open DeFi strategies

GoodCash 🌱

Neobank with a focus on climate

GreenTrade 🌱

Future trading of voluntary carbon credits

Uniswap on the Internet Computer (ICP)

Jia 🌎

Decentralized credit for SMBs in emerging markets

Web3 talent, audits, and capital

Oneshot 🌱

A protocol for carbon credit verification

Connecting gamers and guilds for play-to-earn games

Silta 🌱🌎

Bridge connecting DeFi with infrastructure investments


Decentralized file sync with end-to-end encryption

First interoperable protocol for NFTs

Solid World 🌱

Blockchain infrastructure for pre-purchased carbon credits


Digital asset protocol

Build Web3 apps and games, easily

Toucan 🌱

Bringing programmable carbon to Web3

LP Investments

* Emojis denote companies/organizations focused on climate (🌱) or impact (🌎)

Cover Image: Computer operators with Eniac, the world’s first programmable general-purpose computer.

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