Draft Ventures
Draft Ventures

Draft Ventures

A venture fund by Artia Moghbel & David Rodriguez.

We invest in, incubate, advise, and accelerate pre-seed and seed stage companies in climate and fintech.

We are raising our third fund, Draft Ventures: Prosper. Email us here for more information or to set up a meeting to discuss.


Network for decentralized app development

Decentralized cloud platform to host next-gen software and services

Health/lifestyle subscription commerce with 1MM+ subscribers

All-in-one workspace – the software powering this website

(via Dharma acquisition)

The largest NFT marketplace

Decentralized storage network designed to store humanity's most important information


Real estate agency, modernized

Online subscription shopping club for healthy living



(Acquired by Stellar)

Ledger systems for financial services industry

Layer 1 chain with a novel consensus mechanism


Your checking account and credit card, reimagined

Decentralized credit platform

Manufacturing automation at scale

Global server infrastructure improving latency, lag, and stability

Leading SaaS platform for retailers



Decentralized marketplace for physically-backed NFTs

Building essentials for internet communities

Marketplace for content creation at scale

A mobile marketplace for data annotation and NLP at scale


Plastic–free personal care

Stripe for alternative assets

The motion graphics and video tool for modern brands

(Acquired by Stripe)

Machine learning as a service

A decentralized city built by creators, for creators.

Simplified wholesale e-commerce software

Automated tax optimization

Web3 venture studio for the Internet Computer

Developer platform for Web3 products

Automated trading platform

Commercial insurance powered by video AI


Crypto-native chat

Banking built for teens

Wildfire reforestation using heavy-lift drones

Create, discover, and share open DeFi strategies


Automated wealth management for alternative investments


(Acquired by Republic) Crowdfunding for gaming

Trade finance for global shipments of commodities

Comprehensive health data platform

(Acquired by Medal)

Push-button gif creation for gaming

Neobank with a focus on climate

Future trading of voluntary carbon credits

Your company's Cloud HQ

Uniswap on the Internet Computer (ICP)


Decentralized credit for SMBs in emerging markets

Web3 talent, audits, and capital


Next-generation media measurement

Reducing methane emissions from livestock to tackle climate change

A protocol for carbon credit verification

Platform powering donations across multiple asset classes

Connecting gamers and guilds for play-to-earn games

Tech-enabled camping, nationwide

Analytics for tokenized real-world assets

Marketplace for kid's classes

(Acquired by Provi)

Distribution marketplace for the beverage industry

Streamlined large-scale AI implementations

Custom furniture and luxury home staging at scale


Decentralized file sync with end-to-end encryption

Blockchain infrastructure for pre-purchased carbon credits

Fly-to-earn drone imagery

First interoperable protocol for NFTs

Bringing programmable carbon to Web3

Next-generation forest monitoring using drones

Self-serve warranties for electronic devices and appliances

Making every Google search more productive

Research as a service

Property management, modernized


Digital asset protocol

Build Web3 apps and games, easily

LP Investments

Cover Image: Computer operators with Eniac, the world’s first programmable general-purpose computer.

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