Artia Moghbel

Co-founder & Managing Partner

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Artia is currently Head of Operations at DFINITY, a next-generation crypto protocol powering business applications, and Managing Partner at Draft Ventures, a technology investment fund focused on early stage investments.

In prior experience, Artia founded Spread Capital, a crypto hedge fund, was COO at Overnight, a mobile app for booking same-day stays with local hosts, and was on the venture investment team and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Greycroft Partners.

Artia is also a three-time entrepreneur, having founded two education technology startups and later having built and sold an online social shopping platform.

Artia graduated with Honors from Columbia University with a B.S. in Operations Research and Minors in English and Economics.


David Rodriguez

Co-founder & Managing PartNer

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David is currently COO at Reside Real Estate, a technology platform for residential real estate agents, and Managing Partner at Draft Ventures, a technology investment fund focused on early stage investments. 

David was Director, BD & Strategy at Adobe, where he helped develop Adobe’s artificial intelligence strategy and led the integration of Livefyre, which Adobe acquired. David was COO of Livefyre, a leading SaaS company that provides marketing software to media companies and brands. David was previously on the venture investment team at Greycroft Partners.

David’s background is in engineering, and he has designed and programmed microprocessors at Medtronic and IBM. David is passionate about social initiatives focused on economic development and has lived in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Mozambique working for Engineering World Health and TechnoServe. 

David graduated magna cum laude and with distinction from Duke University with a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.