Draft Ventures is an Internet technology investment fund focused on early-stage investments in companies primarily in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

We believe companies are always in DRAFT form; as a partner, we're dedicated to helping you grow an idea into a successful company with practical advice

Business needs constantly evolve – we understand this and are here to help navigate the market landscape ahead of you. As operators of early-stage technology companies, we empathize with the challenges you face and are hands-on at the early stage to provide operational advice and support to our portfolio companies.

WE don't lead deals, we don't require board seats, but we do aim to be the entrepreneur's first call

Our approach is collaborative: we invest at the seed stage as part of larger syndicates with a check size between $50K and $500K. We believe that great advisors can have a bigger impact on early-stage companies than board members – board votes rarely drive decision making at a company. We want to be thought of as a peer, a call you want to make versus have to make.

WE take a differentiated approach to venture capital, aligning incentives across a distributed team to help grow your business

We believe the traditional venture model is unoptimized to support the next generation of innovative companies. Traditionally, partners at venture funds play multiple roles – raising money from LPs, sourcing deals, and helping portfolio companies grow. At Draft Ventures, these roles are disaggregated and distributed among the Managing Partners and Venture Partners. This way we align teams and incentives and involve a broader group of operators with deep knowledge of your industry who can invest directly and are compensated for impact.